I received my MFA from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois in Mass Communication and Media Arts. I am an interdisciplinary artist that works with both analog and digital processes within photography, sound and transmission art, time-based media and instrument making using found objects and electronics. Execution of my work takes the form of conceptual installations, performances and remote transmissions.  Concepts of indeterminacy, randomness, and improvisation are used to examine the ideas of mindfulness and being present in the moment of witnessing, understanding and decoding our daily lives. Additionally, my work is an exploration of the world we inhabit. I strive to capture the beauty and complexity of our surroundings through photography, sound, and media arts. I am fascinated by the relationship between the physical environment and the intangible experience of living in it. As a photographer, I use the medium of photography to capture the power and mystery of the natural world. Through sound art, I explore the relationship between sound and space, and create works that evoke a sense of place. As a producer and educator, I strive to create meaningful and engaging experiences for students and the public. My practice is rooted in a commitment to creating works that are both visually stimulating and emotionally resonant. Through my art, I aim to foster a deeper understanding of our environment, and to create a space
for contemplation and reflection.
I am currently the Director of the Clemens Fine Arts Center in Paducah, KY where I produce several performing arts series and program the visual arts exhibits for the CFA Gallery.
Recent Exhibitions/Performances
Living Image showcases contemporary artists working in traditional and historic photographic techniques. Selected works will be included in an exhibition held at The Halide Project gallery in Philadelphia, PA and published in a printed catalog to accompany the exhibition. The Halide Project was founded in 2015 to support the continued practice and appreciation of traditional and historic photographic processes and serves local and global communities by providing exhibition opportunities, educational programming, and other resources.
Teen Spirit                       Yeiser Art Center 2021                    Juror
As if radio..                      COP26 Glasgow/31 OCT—12 NOV 2021
Andrew Beyke, Todd Birdsong, Tyler Horn, Jay Needham, Cody Tracy, John-Michael Veach - SLO Radio (extract)
SLO-13 is micro-FM performance that considers the sonic ecologies of a backyard in the rural/urban ecotone along highway 13 in Southern Illinois. The piece blends the format of a radio play with live electro-acoustic music and improvisation to tell the story of a fraught relationship between automobiles and people in a neighborhood. During a yard party, two people meet in a loud backyard and discover a universe of new potentials. Created as a response to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow engaging with ecological radio in its widest sense.
Art Through The Lens        Yeiser Art Center 2021                   open juried photographic arts competition
Visual Evidence                Murray Art Guild (MAG) 2021          open juried visual art competition

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